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What is the total area of the Asia continent?
a) 44,579,000 square kilometers
b) 34,579,000 square kilometers
c) 54,579,000 square kilometers
d) 64,579,000 square kilometers
Answer: a) 44,579,000 square kilometers

How many countries are there in Asia?
a) 38
b) 48
c) 58
d) 68
Answer: b) 48

Which is the largest country in Asia by area?
a) China
b) India
c) Russia
d) Japan
Answer: c) Russia

Which is the smallest country in Asia?
a) Maldives
b) Singapore
c) Bhutan
d) Sri Lanka
Answer: b) Singapore

Which is the most populous country in Asia?
a) India
b) China
c) Indonesia
d) Japan
Answer: b) China

Which is the highest peak in Asia?
a) Mount Everest
b) Kanchenjunga
c) Lhotse
d) Annapurna
Answer: a) Mount Everest

Which is the largest lake in Asia?
a) Caspian Sea
b) Lake Superior
c) Lake Victoria
d) Lake Baikal
Answer: d) Lake Baikal

Which is the longest river system in Asia?
a) Yangtze River
b) Missouri River
c) Nile River
d) Eureka River
Answer: a) Yangtze River

Which is the largest forest zone in Asia?
a) Sahara forest zone
b) Makar forest zone
c) Himalayan forest zone
d) Iberian forest zone
Answer: c) Himalayan forest zone

Which is the largest desert in Asia?
a) Sahara Desert
b) Gobi Desert
c) Arabian Desert
d) Thar Desert
Answer: b) Gobi Desert

Which is the busiest port in Asia?
a) Shanghai Port
b) Singapore Port
c) Hong Kong Port
d) Busan Port
Answer: b) Singapore Port

Which is the largest country in terms of population in South Asia?
a) India
b) Bangladesh
c) Pakistan
d) Sri Lanka
Answer: a) India

Which is the largest oil-producing country in Asia?
a) Saudi Arabia
b) Iran
c) Iraq
d) Kuwait
Answer: a) Saudi Arabia

Which is the oldest civilization in Asia?
a) Indus Valley Civilization
b) Sumerian Civilization
c) Egyptian Civilization
d) Chinese Civilization
Answer: b) Sumerian Civilization

Which is the largest island in Asia?
a) Borneo
b) Sumatra
c) Honshu
d) Java
Answer: a) Borneo

Which is the largest river island in Asia?
a) Majuli
b) Bali
c) Luzon
d) Sri Lanka
Answer: a) Majuli

Which is the largest Muslim country in Asia?
a) Indonesia
b) Bangladesh
c) Pakistan
d) Malaysia
Answer: a) Indonesia

Which is the largest freshwater lake in Asia?
a) Lake Superior
b) Lake Victoria
c) Lake Baikal
d) Lake Tonle Sap
Answer: c) Lake Baikal

Which is the largest sea in Asia?
a) Arabian Sea
b) Caspian Sea
c) Red Sea
d) South China Sea
Answer: b) Caspian Sea

Which is the largest country in the Middle East in terms of land area?
a) Iran
b) Saudi Arabia
c) Turkey
d) Yemen
Answer: c) Turkey

Which is the largest city in Asia?
a) Tokyo
b) Shanghai
c) Mumbai
d) Delhi
Answer: a) Tokyo

Which is the largest volcano in Asia?
a) Mount Merapi
b) Mount Fuji
c) Mount Pinatubo
d) Mount Tambora
Answer: d) Mount Tambora

Which is the largest river delta in Asia?
a) Ganges-Brahmaputra Delta
b) Mekong Delta
c) Red River Delta
d) Pearl River Delta
Answer: a) Ganges-Brahmaputra Delta

Which is the largest airport in Asia?
a) Beijing Capital International Airport
b) Dubai International Airport
c) Tokyo Haneda Airport
d) Shanghai Pudong International Airport
Answer: d) Shanghai Pudong International Airport

Which is the largest peninsula in Asia?
a) Korean Peninsula
b) Malay Peninsula
c) Arabian Peninsula
d) Kamchatka Peninsula
Answer: c) Arabian Peninsula

Which is the largest mosque in Asia?
a) Badshahi Mosque
b) Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque
c) Masjid al-Haram
d) Faisal Mosque
Answer: c) Masjid al-Haram

Which is the largest Buddhist temple in Asia?
a) Angkor Wat
b) Borobudur
c) Shwedagon Pagoda
d) Boudhanath Stupa
Answer: b) Borobudur

Which is the largest theme park in Asia?
a) Tokyo Disneyland
b) Ocean Park Hong Kong
c) Universal Studios Japan
d) Lotte World
Answer: a) Tokyo Disneyland

Which is the largest saltwater lake in Asia?
a) Lake Balkhash
b) Tonle Sap
c) Lake Urmia
d) Lake Van
Answer: c) Lake Urmia

Which is the largest aquarium in Asia?
a) Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan
b) S.E.A. Aquarium
c) Chimelong Ocean Kingdom
d) Georgia Aquarium
Answer: c) Chimelong Ocean Kingdom

Which is the highest mountain peak in Asia?
a) Mount Everest
b) K2
c) Kangchenjunga
d) Lhotse
Answer: a) Mount Everest

Which is the largest dam in Asia?
a) Three Gorges Dam
b) Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam
c) Itaipu Dam
d) Jinping-I Dam
Answer: a) Three Gorges Dam

Which is the largest bird sanctuary in Asia?
a) Keoladeo National Park
b) Chilika Lake Bird Sanctuary
c) Pong Dam Lake
d) Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary
Answer: b) Chilika Lake Bird Sanctuary

Which is the largest man-made island in Asia?
a) Palm Jumeirah
b) The World Islands
c) Fuxian Lake Island
d) Changi East Urban District
Answer: a) Palm Jumeirah

Which is the largest national park in Asia?
a) Kaziranga National Park
b) Khao Yai National Park
c) Hemis National Park
d) Jiuzhaigou National Park
Answer: c) Hemis National Park

Which is the largest archipelago in Asia?
a) Philippines
b) Indonesia
c) Japan
d) Maldives
Answer: b) Indonesia

Which is the largest mountain range in Asia?
a) Himalayas
b) Kunlun Mountains
c) Tian Shan Mountains
d) Altai Mountains
Answer: a) Himalayas

Which is the largest glacier in Asia?
a) Siachen Glacier
b) Baltoro Glacier
c) Fedchenko Glacier
d) Bruggen Glacier
Answer: b) Baltoro Glacier

Which is the largest lake in Southeast Asia?
a) Lake Toba
b) Tonle Sap
c) Lake Inle
d) Lake Balanan
Answer: a) Lake Toba

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