SSB Service Selection Board

Services Selection Board (SSB) is a 5 day long process, in which a candidate has to undergo in various tests.

Services Selection Board (SSB) process

D Day – Screening Test

It consists of 3 parts which are as follows : –

(i) OIR Test – Officer Intelligent Test, in this test a there are 2 sets of 50 questions each on verbal and Non – verbal reasoning. Candidates are given 30 – 35 minutes for each set. Time and number of questions may vary in different boards.

(ii) PP & DT Test – Picture Perception & Description Test, in this test a hazy picture is shown on the screen for 30 seconds and then 4 minutes are given to write a story on it. The candidate must write / indicate the number of characters observed, their ages and mood as told by the accessor.

(iii) Narration & Discussion Test – In this test, candidates are divided into groups and each candidate has to narrate the story written by him/her in the given time, after completion of narration there is discussion on the story by all the group members to arrive at a common group story. After the discussion one member of the group gives the common group story.

After this the result of the screening test is announced, those who are recommended for the next stage are given new chest numbers and rest are sent back.

D Day + 1

on the 2nd day, psychology test is conducted in 4 phases or 4 sub tests, which are as follows : –

(i) TAT – Thematic Apperception Test, in this test 11 stories are to be written by the candidate, in this test the pictures are very clear as compared to Day 1. Each picture is shown for 30 seconds and the candidates have to write a story on each picture in 4 minutes. After 11 stories at the end there is a blank slide shown in that candidates have to write a story on their own imagined scene in 4 minutes.

(ii) WAT – Word Association Test, in this 60 words are shown and the candidate have to write to a sentence on it. Each word is shown for 15 seconds and in the same time the candidates have to write the sentence.

(iii) SRT – Situation Reaction Test, in this a booklet is given to the candidates which consists 60 situations and the candidates have to write their responses for each situation. 30 minutes are given for this test.

(iv) Self Description – In this test the candidates have to write about themselves, in 4 ways which are Parents opinion, Friends opinion, Employer/ teachers opinion and self opinion

D Day + 2

on the 3rd day there is GTO test 1.

(i) GD : – Group discussion, in this there are 2 GDs, 20 – 30 minutes discussion is done on each topic. Topics are related to the social issues or current affairs.

(ii) GPE : – Group Planning Exercise In this test a map is shown having various places and a scale and whole story is also given in written form to read. Then, candidates are given time of 10 minutes to write their individual solutions for the problems. After that candidates have to identify the problems and give solutions for each problem and discuss it. At the end one of the group members give a common solution.

(iii) PGT : – Progressive Group Task, in this test there are 4 obstacles which the group have to pass with the help of the helping materials such as Balli, Fatta, Rope etc. it has several rules which the group has to follow while doing the PGT.

(iv) GOR : – Group Obstacle Race. it is also known as the snake race. A snake like object is given to the groups which they have to carry throughout the race and it should not touch the ground. The race is done by the group together and on different obstacles.

(v) HGT : – Half Group Task, it is similar to the PGT the only difference is that the group is reduced to the half .

D Day + 3

it is the 2nd day of the GTO tests in it the following tasks are done : –

(i) Lecturette : – In it 4 topics are given to each candidate and each candidate has to speak on any one topic of his choice for three minutes. He is given 3 minutes to prepare on the topic.

(ii) CT : – Command Task, in this test each candidate will be made the commander and he will be given two subordinates. The commander will be asked to cross a obstacle with the help of the helping material, he will guide the subordinates to use the helping material and cross the obstacle without braking any rules.

(iii) IO : – Individual Obstacles, in this test each candidate will have to cross the ten obstacles individually in 3 minutes. Obstacle 1 has 1 marks and obstacle 10 has 10 marks. one can repeat the obstacles if he has done all the obstacles at least once and time is remaining.

(iv) FGT : – Final Group Task, it is similar to the PGT in this task whole group has to one obstacle together following the rules.


The personal interviews are done from Day 2 – Day 4, candidates / chest numbers are told the timings for interviews in advance. The interview is usually 40 – 45 minutes. It is based upon the PIQ filled and the general awareness.

D Day + 4

on this day conference is done, all the officers who have evaluated the candidates discuss the candidate’s performance and decide whether they will be recommended or not. After that the final result is announced, those who get recommended they stay for the medicals and rest are sent back.

Service Selection Board (SSB) Test Series

Service Selection Board (SSB) Test Series

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