World Geography

World Geography in competitive exams: Competitive exams such as civil service exams, bank exams, and international exams, often have a section on general knowledge, which includes world affairs. Knowing about the latest world events, international organizations, countries, and their cultures is essential for these exams.

World GK

S.No.Continents – Political View
1.Asia – Political View
2.Africa – Political View
3.North America – Political View
4.South America – Political View
5.Antarctica – Political View
6.Europe – Political View
7.Australia – Political View

S.No.Continents – Physical View
1.Asia – Physical View
2.Africa – Physical View
3.North America – Physical View
4.South America – Physical View
5.Antarctica – Physical View
6.Europe – Physical View
7.Australia – Physical View

World Geography Questions

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