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World GK, or general knowledge related to world affairs, is an important topic for various exams. Here are some reasons why world GK is important in exams:

Widely covered in competitive exams: Competitive exams such as civil service exams, bank exams, and international exams, often have a section on general knowledge, which includes world affairs. Knowing about the latest world events, international organizations, countries, and their cultures is essential for these exams.

Helps to assess analytical and critical thinking skills: Knowledge of world affairs helps assess analytical and critical thinking skills of candidates. Candidates who can understand and analyze global issues can answer questions that require the application of critical thinking skills.

World GK

Enhances general knowledge: World GK enhances a candidate’s general knowledge. It covers various aspects of the world, including geography, history, culture, and international relations. This knowledge is relevant to a wide range of exams that require candidates to have a well-rounded knowledge of the world.

Improves chances of success: Knowledge of world affairs improves the chances of success in exams. In exams where the general knowledge section is critical, candidates who have a good understanding of world affairs are more likely to score higher.

Relevant in current affairs: Knowledge of world affairs is relevant in current affairs. Candidates who are up to date with global events can apply this knowledge in writing essays, articles, and reports on current affairs, which is often required in many exams.

S.No.Continents – Political View
1.Asia – Political View
2.Africa – Political View
3.North America – Political View
4.South America – Political View
5.Antarctica – Political View
6.Europe – Political View
7.Australia – Political View

In conclusion, world GK is important in exams as it assesses analytical and critical thinking skills, enhances general knowledge, improves chances of success, and is relevant in current affairs. Therefore, candidates preparing for competitive exams should focus on gaining a good understanding of world affairs.

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